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Friday Links: When the guy that smoked opium is a better bet than anyone else

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week. I’m fresh from being on the the work quiz’s winning team and Chelsea beat Arsenal in the Europa. So it’s been a good week for petty victories… Here are this week’s … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Plot: Chard and Goat’s Pasties

Last weekend we pulled the chard up from its bed and with that there will be no more chard in the Dempsey household until August at the earliest. But over the last two months or so, those plants have been … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Planting out….

Two days on the plot, half the list done. We did loads but there is so much more to do, isn’t there always….First up say hello to the summer squash! This is on Joe’s plot. Three yellow courgettes, four green … Continue reading

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Tuesday Miscellany: It’s my Monday

Happy Tuesday! If you have a office job and are in the UK (or the US), you’ve had Monday off work and today is your Monday and it’s a four day week, so it’s the week that should feel shorten … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Zombie Prime Minister

Happy Friday! We’re going into a Bank Holiday weekend here, which is good because my brain is mush! Links below… To Fix the Catholic Church, Laypeople Need to Show Up. That’s a Church I could go back to… Hilary Mantel’s … Continue reading

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Today are the elections for the EU Parliament and so it’s time for another post on why voting matters and why you should do it and more importantly (this is my blog after all!) why I’m going to vote even … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Seedlings

We’re at the point in the allotment year, when I’m either worrying about seedlings, either they’re leggy and indoors or maybe dying and outside. Either way I always feel that I’ve got it wrong and it always works out. I’m … Continue reading

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