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Foodie Penpals

I wasn’t supposed to be taking part this month.  However, when I was on holiday Carol Ann asked if anyone would send a parcel as otherwise someone would be without a parcel. So I volunteered and sent a parcel to … Continue reading

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May Goals – How I did

It’s been a mixed bag this month. The holiday was amazing and I just what I needed. Northumbria is beautiful and full of ruined things… 1) Exercise – three times a week + physio stuff every day. I will be … Continue reading

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Apple Granola Squares

Last week I sent my Foodie Penpals parcels to Christine.  Christine is a vegan and I am so far away from being a vegan that it required some thought. I like to put some form of baked thing in my … Continue reading

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Skincare stuff

Summer has finally arrived in England, and even though the weather forecast says rain on  Wednesday, I reckon that it’s time to think about swapping products for the summer. I’ve bought the sunblock, and this is the other stuff that … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

Lullaby of Broadway This song, I know all of the words. I’ve mentioned the afternoon film that used to be shown on BBC2 on Saturday afternoons. It’s where I learnt to love the ‘Goldiggers..’ films. It’s also an inheritance from … Continue reading

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I bought a dress..

..didn’t mean to, had no intention of it. I do have two weddings to go to this year and I haven’t got anything appropriate. Ma spotted this because of the colour. I almost immediately said no, I wasn’t looking to … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cockail

The Stonewall This came from Domestic Sluttery, I looked at it and filed it away as one to look at later. Then I was gifted some posh apple juice and it just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s … Continue reading

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In the North

I love cities, with the exception of Belfast, which I am a bit meh about, I have never met a city I wasn’t keen on. Of course, my favourite city is the one I was born in and live in … Continue reading

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or how I solved the problem of breakfast! I have a huge problem with breakfast. I know I should eat breakfast, I know that if I get breakfast right, I’m more likely to get the rest of the day’s eating … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here…

Today I wanted to post about frittata, but I still can’t find the cable to my camera and I didn’t realise that until after I’d taken the photos. Which is quite frustrating. Also today is my first day back at … Continue reading

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