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Housework for One: Clean and Tidy

I’ve been blogging since 2008 and in that time I’ve basically used the space as a massive journal. To log the things I’ve cooked, to set goals and keep me on track, to explain how and why I see the … Continue reading

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Changing up the cleaning routine

Today was supposed to be all about gin and tonic cake but because of a migraine on Tuesday and a pretty busy week, it didn’t happen. So this is about cleaning and routine and how the allotment is taking over … Continue reading

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Housework: Homemade Cleaning Products

Do you remember how ages ago I said that I would use Saturday posts for goal updates and discussions about housework? The goal posts have been going up (but we’re only in May, so miles to go there!) but I … Continue reading

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Housework Task List

Now that the kitchen is under control, I’ve decided to tackle the rest of the house. So here are the chores that need to be done in for the rest of the flat. I was going to do separate lists … Continue reading

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DIY Bleach Spray

2016 seems to have started as the year that I can’t stop cleaning. This is mouse related but in January I went through 4 bottles of Flash with bleach and although I seem to have seen off the mice, the cleaning … Continue reading

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Kitchen Clean and Deep Clean Task Lists

Having given the kitchen a thorough post mouse clean and de-clutter and resolved to do a deep clean of it every two months, I thought it would be useful for me to have the list somewhere. I will be the … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Mice

November seemed to be osteotomy recovery month, and January is shaping up to be mice month. Although I’m not sure that my battle with them is over (I’m still cleaning everything, multiple times a day but visitation seems to have … Continue reading

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