Somebody Needs a Nap

In our family, went someone is being mardy, we often say “Somebody needs a nap”

One of my allotment neighbours needs a nap! First there was the ‘just say no to woodchip’ sign, which was replaced with the one below.

I posted this on the site facebook page because I thought it was off, I’m the only plot in the vicinity with raised beds and woodchip. I think I posted it with a ‘nope, not going to stop’.

Several members of the allotment committee thought it was bullying and removed the sign. Then this one appeared….

Now this year, I did not win an allotment prize but Dennis my amazing potato growing neighbour, who’s plot is opposite the plot with the sign, did, ‘Best Traditional Plot’. This chap did not, he doesn’t have paths, raised beds or woodchip. He also doesn’t have an award winning plot…

I’m not going to change my way of gardening because it works for me, but really this guy needs a nap. Or therapy because tantrums in grown men are pretty sad…

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3 Responses to Somebody Needs a Nap

  1. Neil says:

    Hope no one throws a load of seeds on his plot. That would be dreadfull.

  2. Tabula Rasa says:

    Perhaps you should all come up with creative paper plate signs of your own which you replace every often…. “make compost not war” “so many veg so little time” “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results….like weeding”

  3. Sharon says:

    Another attention-seeking c*ckwomble. Carry on regardless…

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