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It’s not a happy Friday kind of day. It’s a ‘for crying out loud England, what the fuck have you done?’ kind of day. The vote has happened and we’ll have to live with the consequences, but I thought these were worth thinking about even now we have a decision:

Britain is in the midst of a working class revolt. Well if they are going to revolt they could start by voting. That aside this is about right, if you could fix housing and make it secure again most of the moaning about immigrants would stop. It’s the sense that they are losing everything and the working classes are by and large on the sharp, pointy end of the stick with jobs and housing and immigration.

Brexit is a fake revolt. Mostly for this, which is what I’ve been saying for ages.

I want to have one last go at convincing you that leaving now, under these conditions, would be a disaster. First, let’s recognise the problem. For people in the working classes, wages are at rock bottom. Their employers treat them like dirt. Their high streets are lined with empty shops. Their grown-up kids cannot afford to buy a home. Class sizes at school are too high. NHS waiting times are too long.

I’m glad it has become acceptable to say: “You are right to worry about migration.” But I wish more Labour politicians would spell out why. Working-class people, especially those on low pay in the private sector, worry that in conditions of austerity, housing shortages, wage stagnation and an unlimited supply of migrant labour from Europe has a negative effect on their living standards.

John Barnes came out for remain, making a sound argument.

If leave wanted to say that companies are paying migrants less than British workers, and so allowing them to take our jobs, then it should be looking at raising the minimum wage – not stopping migrants entering the country. The problem has nothing to do with the Polish workers – it is an issue about our labour laws. Yet leave maintains its focus on immigration.

Other stuff…

How hangovers helped bring us the two day weekend.

How the NRA perverted the meaning of the right to bear arms. I find the arguments about the second amendment fascinating partly because of how it’s viewed as completely rigid. The clue is in the name – amendment. Although, I’m probably not the best person to talk to about the Bill of Rights as I tend to think of 1689 and Queen Anne, I do struggle with the rigidity of the US Constitution or at least how rigidly some people perceive it. There have been 27 amendments to the Constitution, the 18th banned alcohol and the 21st repealed the 18th, the 13th abolished slavery and the 19th gave women the vote. Clearly the US has changed the constitution and it can again. Now things being the way they are repealing the 2nd Amendment is never going to happen, but I’m fascinated by people who claim that it’s unchanging and rigid when clearly it isn’t.

Why I Own an AR-15. In the interests of balance, this is important to read too, because I didn’t know half of this. Although I still believe that if you are going to own a gun, then you should have a licence and to get a licence you should have to pass a test and have to comply with rigorous safety rules about storage and frequent checks. Because with rights become responsibilities and as a reasonable gun owner then you shouldn’t have a problem with this. (Yeah I know what a cat that will set amongst the pigeons about govt control but the govt is elected by the people for the people – no?)

DNA evidence proves that accountant is heir to baronetcy.  My family has some interesting paternity issues but all I can think reading this is what a horrible little grasping man the new Baronet is…

Squirrels have a massive impact on America’s electricity grid. Monkeys in Kenya, squirrels in the US. Maybe this is only interesting if you spend your working hours in the industry but I thought it was interesting.

Unless You’re Oprah, ‘Be yourself’ is terrible advice.

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