Barbecue Sauce

I’m not a person who makes their own ketchup. I know people who have, they are also the people who buy the really, really fancy tomato ketchup that’s about £2.50 a bottle and that is never going to be me either. My needs are simple, I don’t like Heinz either, I eat Sainsburys tomato ketchup. When I was a child I was a ketchup fiend, I put it on everything, including roast dinners!

I didn’t mess around with other condiments either, brown sauce was (and still is as far as I’m concerned) disgusting and I didn’t mess with mustard, pickle, chutney or anything else, if there was no tomato sauce, I just ate it plain.

Thank goodness, our tastebuds mature! Nowadays, my fridge contains mustards, chilli jam and ketchup in my fridge and sometime this barbecue sauce. The recipe is not really mine, it comes from here and I discovered it when someone I know mentioned that she was on her third batch of the summer and that was about 3 years ago! This is not gourmet sauce of any description, it starts with a bottle of tomato ketchup and works from there but it’s my favourite type of home cooking, simple but seemingly accomplished because who makes barbecue sauce when you can buy it in bottles?

Apparently me!img_4424What do I use it for, I put it on chicken and fish before I cook them in the oven, I put it in burgers and egg sandwiches and I even sometimes use it instead of tomato sauce on pizza (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)img_4426I do make a couple of adaptions to the recipe as given, I just use a whole bottle of ketchup and I don’t have apple cider vinegar so tend to use white wine vinegar. I cut down on the sugar, using 4 tablespoons of light brown sugar (ketchup has enough sugar in it as is!) and adding two teaspoons of smoked paprika. This time because I still haven’t replaced the worcestershire sauce post the mice invasion, I used Henderson’s Relish, which also makes it vegetarian for non meat-eaters!


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