Food and Budget Update: 18/06 to 24/06/2016

SHOPPING img_4413

Another fairly standard shop, I can’t express how not up for shopping I was on Sunday afternoon and I really had to force myself to go and not stay and home and finish a book. Ok, yes I was ruined from all three plus hours of allotment work but it wasn’t just that, I just wasn’t enthusiastic about it at all. I deviated from the list a bit to buy a cauliflower and cabbage, both on offer for 39p each.  I also had rhubarb and a courgette from the allotment, I’m really looking forward to doing more of that, picking things I’ve grown and incorporating them into my menu planing.img_4407

I was out on Saturday night, babysitting where you get dinner, wine, chocolate and get to watch the football is amazing!

Sunday night I had a stir fry featuring my courgette!img_4414

Breakfasts were yogurt and rhubarb compote.img_4421Lunches were a bulgar wheat salad with spinach leavesimg_4420Monday night dinner was peppers stuffed with braised lentils and rice, and green beans. img_4418Tuesday was braised lentils and a fried egg. I like my eggs over fried and slightly crispy.img_4423I got fed on Wednesday night, Pork Pibil, which was amazing

I didn’t eat dinner on Thursday, I was too tired to eat and ended up in bed about 9pm!

On Friday night there was pizza.img_4445


I’ve not really been excited about menu planning or cooking recently, I’ve done it because it’s habit not because I’ve really enjoyed it. However, this is where habit helps, I’ve managed to eat and cook within budget because I’m in the habit of doing it. I’m a firm believer in not expecting cooking and feeding yourself to always be an amazing experience because sometimes it’s just a chore. This week knowing that I had not been feeling it, I prepped a dinners a little bit as well as the usual breakfasts and lunches. I braised some lentils (loosely based off this recipe) and cooked extra rice on Sunday night so I knew that I’ll have options for dinners, which helped.


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