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On My Mind

This week my brain is taken up with the following things. The Hamilton Soundtrack. The first song I heard was ‘You’ll Be Back’ and without being told, I knew it was from Hamilton and I knew that it was supposed … Continue reading

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Things right now..

Current nail colour…very blue I’m thinking (and making lists) of all the things I need to do this weekend. It’s Mother’s Day and Laura’s birthday and there will be people in the flat next week so it has to be … Continue reading

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Right Now I’m..

Sleeping…ok not actually this minute but last night I was in bed at 9pm, lights out at 9.21pm. I’ve decided to go to bed when I’m tired and last night I was tired early. I think it’s a combination of … Continue reading

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Four things

1) Apparently, I am a person who eats and enjoys porridge. Proof that if you keep trying food you don’t like you may come around to it eventually! 2) How to tie my shoelaces. I’ve been doing it wrong all … Continue reading

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