What I’ve Read – June

All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr (library ebook)

I reserved this on my mother’s recommendation, and I wasn’t all that sure about it in the beginning but it stayed with me. The story of how things build and you find yourself in the middle of chaos doing bad things without quite understanding how you got there. I also wanted to know more about what happened after the war. I wanted to know more about how you come back from that and carry on. That’s not this book but it is worth reading.

Kiss Me Annabel – Eloisa James (library book)

Once I read ‘Much Ado about You’ last month, I ordered the next two at the library (I like to finish things). I haven’t read an Eloisa James book that I didn’t enjoy but I wanted to know more about Annabel and less about Imogen but I’m glad that she got her HEA.

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir of Lady Trent – Marie Brennan (library book)

This series of books was a recommend from Smart Bitches and they’ve never steered me wrong yet. I enjoyed this lots. I like Isabella and I like that Brennan has kept her ‘period’ appropriate, although I accept that how period appropriate you can be when you’re in an alternate world with dragons is debatable. Anyway I have all four books from the library so the other three will probably pop up later!

Girl Meets Bear – Shelley Laurenston (library ebook)

This is the only one of the Pride series that I couldn’t get my hands on last month. I really liked it, and it was a perfect Friday night book.

Only Beloved – Mary Balogh (library book)

The last one in the Survivors Club series. I really liked that this was an older couple (47 and 39) and I’ve liked all of these books and was happy to see everyone be happy and move forward.

Cold Hearted Rake – Lisa Klepas (library book)

I really enjoyed this, but felt that it was all over rather quickly and I’m assuming that we’ll see more of Kathleen and Devon in the next book about Helen and Winterbourne. However, Klepas has never disappointed and I can’t reserve the next one at the library, if that situation continues next month, I may buy it because I want to know what happens next! Worse the third book in the series is going to feature the son of the pair in The Devil in Winter which is going straight on the auto buy list…

The Rook – Daniel O’Malley (library ebook)

I loved this. I couldn’t place it though, it’s set in England but I don’t know something seemed not right. When I read that Daniel O’Malley is an Australia, it made sense. Other than it’s Britishness being slightly off, this was  brilliant, funny, clever and gripping. Rook Thomas (both old and new) were interesting, the world building was fabulous and I’ll read the next one as soon as I can get my paws on it.


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