Food and Budget Update: 11/06 to 17/06/2016

SHOPPINGimg_4364It was a pretty usual shop for me this week, I had completely run out of sugar and olive oil.


img_4365Pizza on Saturday with Gin and Tonic Cake with Rhubarb Compote for pudding.img_4368Sunday was this rice bowlimg_4385

The black bean and corn that made this up was also used to make wraps for work lunches which I ate with raw vegetables but I forgot to get a photo.

On Monday, I didn’t eat because of the migraine.

But I started Tuesday with rhubarb compote and yogurt and a rhubarb crumble muffin.img_4398Tuesday was Chana Masala and a poached egg with cut up vegetables because I couldn’t be bothered with cooking anything.img_4389Wednesday was one pot pasta with peppers and tomatoes. This needs a bit more work but it was still pretty good.img_4395On Thursday I had mushrooms on toast, of which I forgot to take a photo.

Friday I had pizza!img_4400


None really from this week, I didn’t waste anything and didn’t buy anything I didn’t use. I’m finding sticking to £15 a week, easier than I expected and harder. It’s harder to be spontaneous and just go and by a chicken on the way home and it’s easier because I have a core of things that I know are cheap and easy to cook. It’s also been a good way of revised what I think of as a staple, I’m better at not buying stuff unless I have a plan. That applies to things like rice and lentils and flour. Instead of just rebuying when I’ve run out, I only buy it when it’s on the menu plan for the week. That then means that I have the rest for another time but I don’t have to buy it immediately!


The gin and tonic cake and the rhubarb compote. That was so good, the cake because I wasn’t sure that it would work and it was perfect. The compote because it was my rhubarb as well as being delicious.



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