Life Happened: Rain and Referendums

Monday started with the heavens opening, so the first day of summer was a wash-out.img_4416-1Also train issues have been plaguing my journeys to and from work. Not best.

Anyway, I more or less staggered through the week. Spoke to my brother who was watching the smallest nephew, check out my super stealthy nephew, if you can, clearly he has the makings of a super spy!img_4422
I also babysat the Baxters on Wednesday, the children were great and once they were in bed, I got to watch some football!img_4429I voted on Thursday.

It’s not the result I wanted but I’m unsurprised. I know that angry, scared people make bad decisions this a failure of politics. And it was a close vote.

On Friday, afternoon I took a half day and did some things, including weeding at the allotment.I also picked some rhubarb, 2 courgettes and the first raspberriesSaturday was the Open Day and despite the rain we had 431 visitors and sold a lot of cake.img_4448On Sunday, I woke up and it wasn’t raining, so I was straight on the allotment to get stuck in with the overgrown bits. This was Fridayimg_4440And this is what it looked like when I was done on Sundayimg_4456Lots to do but I’m getting there.

Ma came over to have lunch and tell me about her holiday and listen to Hamilton and then it was time to start preparing for the week ahead.

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