On My Mind

This week my brain is taken up with the following things.

  1. The Hamilton Soundtrack.

The first song I heard was ‘You’ll Be Back’ and without being told, I knew it was from Hamilton and I knew that it was supposed to be George III. I know very little about the beginning of the USA, and I know a tiny bit about the War of Independence, although I will admit that I know more than the average English person. Strangely enough, I sent Ma off on holiday with Fusiliers by Mark Urban and she’s been reading The Men Who Lost America, so something must be in the water (and yes of course the reading that we start with is going to be written from the British point of view, once of the fascinating things about the War of Independence is it’s impact on the politics and conflicts in the wider world). Anyway, Hamilton is the perfect blend for my particular brand of geek and I’ve already put the Ron Chernow biography of Hamilton, on which the play is based, on reserve at the library. You can see where this is going, can’t you…

2. Allotment.

The plot is seriously cutting into my reading time at the moment but I’m gradually getting it under control and things are growing. I’m trying to work out what to do about my neighbour though. The half of the plot I have used to be Joe’s and he planted to where he thought was half but when measured it turned out he was wrong and had planted into my half, it wasn’t that much and rather than have him dig it up, I told the guys measuring that we’d leave it for this year because it seemed mean to make him dig up his stuff. Anyway last week, I noticed that he’d moved the marker that marked halfway to get the extra space back and I’m miffed. I didn’t mind and it’s only a little bit of space but it’s the sneakiness of it, did he think I wouldn’t notice? What to do? Anyone got some advice? Should I let it go?img_4350

3. The EU Referendum

It’s tomorrow and there’s lots of nasty things being said. That said, if you don’t already know it (and if you don’t, you must be new) I’m passionate about voting. Please, if you can vote, whatever you vote, go and do it. Democracy doesn’t work unless the electorate does, I keep saying it because it’s true. However the vote goes, it’ll be easier to live with if it’s truly the opinion of over half of the electorate, not just the majority of people who could be bothered to go to the polling station tomorrow.

4. The Euros

Football is taking up at least 10% of my brain at any given moment this month. In my family I’m the least interested in football (ok the smallest nephew maybe slightly less interested just at the moment!) but that’s still more interested than other people. This is my family people, where we can talk about politics, history and England’s chances of making it to the Euro semi finals in the space of about 10 minutes!IMG_3171

5. The weather

Monday was the first day of summer, this is what that looked like in London.img_4416England….

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2 Responses to On My Mind

  1. You could surreptitiously put the marker back to where it was? Or leave it until the next season and deal with it then? Or be direct and ask him why he moved it? When I got my first half plot, the first thing I did was put up a fence across the halfway mark that way there was no arguing (also I had a dog and I didn’t want her wondering into someone else’s plot)! If it were me I would ask directly but in a nice way, like ‘ I notice you moved the half way marker – was it in your way or something?’

    • nicdempsey says:

      My plan was to put up a fence/barrier in the autumn. And I was going to use the space for flowers I’m just concerned that he doesn’t want to give it up! I guess I’ll just ask him and ask our secretary to remeasure in September!

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