The reason I love summer…

I’m English so I’m used to the rainy summers, I’ve adjusted to always having sunglasses and an umbrella with me wherever I go. Even so I love summer…

It’s not because I can spend most of the hours I’m not sleeping wearing flip flops

It’s not because it’s so much lighter (even when it’s raining) and I’m not SAD

It’s not certainly not because of Wimbledon or cricket.

It’s not even because of the opportunity to drink Pimms

Much as I love them it’s not because of peaches, strawberries or raspberries.

Nope the real reason I love summer is the availability of these…


I love cherries, cocktail cherries, cherry jam, cherry cake, cherry drops…generally if it’s cherry favoured I’ll try it at least once. However, fresh cherries are fabulous and the best and I miss them in the winter..


Happiness is a bowl of cherries and not having to share them!

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