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Allotment Adventures: Struggling a tiny bit

Despite the glorious weather, I’m still trying to summon my energy for the work, I’m feeling listless and uninspired. With the bank holiday and extra days off, in addition to being home all the time, I’ve completely lost track of … Continue reading

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In my experience, everyone has something they can’t cook. One of the most accomplished cooks I ever knew, could not bake. I have a epic problem with key lime pie that I really need to deal with at some point. … Continue reading

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Plum Cake

On Monday night, I went to the Grace Lent meal, I had asked Jonny who was cooking if I could bring anything and he said pudding. I haven’t been doing a lot of baking recently but I am trying to use … Continue reading

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Fruit, Vegetables and how much is enough?

Last week the news dropped that we should abandon our target of eating 5 portions of fruit or veg a day and aim for 10 instead. Every country seems to have a different target. In Denmark it’s six, the French … Continue reading

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Breakfast oatbake

I’m on a quest to organise my mornings.  I’m not really a good morning person and I find that sitting down at home to eat breakfast, while it may be good for my soul, is disastrous for my timekeeping.  The way … Continue reading

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The reason I love summer…

I’m English so I’m used to the rainy summers, I’ve adjusted to always having sunglasses and an umbrella with me wherever I go. Even so I love summer… It’s not because I can spend most of the hours I’m not … Continue reading

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