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In my experience, everyone has something they can’t cook. One of the most accomplished cooks I ever knew, could not bake. I have a epic problem with key lime pie that I really need to deal with at some point. … Continue reading

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Plum Cake

On Monday night, I went to the Grace Lent meal, I had asked Jonny who was cooking if I could bring anything and he said pudding. I haven’t been doing a lot of baking recently but I am trying to use … Continue reading

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Fruit, Vegetables and how much is enough?

Last week the news dropped that we should abandon our target of eating 5 portions of fruit or veg a day and aim for 10 instead. Every country seems to have a different target. In Denmark it’s six, the French … Continue reading

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Breakfast oatbake

I’m on a quest to organise my mornings.  I’m not really a good morning person and I find that sitting down at home to eat breakfast, while it may be good for my soul, is disastrous for my timekeeping.  The way … Continue reading

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