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Cherry Pie

I love cherries. I love everything vaguely cherry flavoured. Cherry flavoured slush puppies, cherry brandy ice lollies, cherry jam, cherry coke (and Dr Pepper), cocktail cherries, even the bright red full of bad chemicals maraschino cocktail cherries which I can eat … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail Revisited

As I haven’t been making anything new because I’m not drinking at all during the week and therefore have been struggling to find time to make and photograph ‘new to the blog’ cocktails, I’m going to re-visit some of the … Continue reading

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Breakfast oatbake

I’m on a quest to organise my mornings.  I’m not really a good morning person and I find that sitting down at home to eat breakfast, while it may be good for my soul, is disastrous for my timekeeping.  The way … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fridge Cake

or what to do with leftover biscuits! You know those biscuits that we made with Oli last week? I had leftover dough. I made more biscuits, in fact, too many biscuits. I didn’t know it but there is such a … Continue reading

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The basic cookie

I used to have a basic cookie recipe and then I lost the piece of paper it was written on the last time I moved.  What I also remember about it was that it was a lot of faff (two … Continue reading

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Today I’m on my way to Cheltenham for Greenbelt. The weather forecast is not good and I’m going to be in a tent. My camping skills are not great (there’s no where to plug in a fridge for ice or … Continue reading

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The reason I love summer…

I’m English so I’m used to the rainy summers, I’ve adjusted to always having sunglasses and an umbrella with me wherever I go. Even so I love summer… It’s not because I can spend most of the hours I’m not … Continue reading

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