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The return of my role model..

she’s back and she’s bringing the others. And really I don’t care that I’m in my 30’s, I’m rounding up my godkids and seeing this…

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The London Cocktail Society had a second evening at Sipsmith on Monday night and I got to go. I first heard about Sipsimith in 2009 when the guy Majestic tried really hard to sell me the vodka! After the hard … Continue reading

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Leek, Anchovy and Goats Cheese Tart

If you have at any point come to my house for dinner mid week you will at some point have eaten a version of this tart. The original idea of using puff pastry like this came from Nigel Slater as … Continue reading

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Sunday music

This has been popping on itunes quite a lot this week, seems that the shuffle function might know something I don’t..

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Peninsula Wars and Waterloo

I’m fairly obsessed about the Peninsula Wars and the Battle of Waterloo. Why? Many reasons. First, my mother was fairly keen so it was encouraged. Second, Georgette Heyer, she wrote so vividly about it (with the kind of research that … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail

The Sloe Martini Shocking as it seems, I know people that aren’t keen on gin martinis. In fact, some of them think martinis should be made with vodka and shaken (I blame James Bond)…the only thing you can do for … Continue reading

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British Weather….

..or why I always have sunglasses and an umbrella in my handbag… Keeping in mind that it’s June and we’re it’s summertime… This was the view from underneath the umbrella on the way to work This was the sky on … Continue reading

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