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Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery

Ealing is a great place to live, it’s got really good transport links, it’s got lots of shops and green spaces. One of those green spaces is Walpole Park and the park has Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery. The restoration has … Continue reading

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Battle Abbey

Much to the amusement of my Irish neighbour, the day before my birthday I went to Battle. Yes, it’s an actual place, in East Sussex, quite near Hastings, and the site of the Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey In … Continue reading

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Bastille Day and other things

Today is Bastille Day. This morning, Ma sang the first verse (the only one she knows the words to) of La Marseillaise to me (she is a big fan of the French national anthem, which bloodthirsty as the words are, is … Continue reading

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The BBC comes in for a huge amount of flak, according to critics it is both too liberal and to conservative. It pays people too much, the license fee is too expensive and so on. It’s the British way to complain … Continue reading

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Things that are really annoying

Given how interested I am in history and especially the Wars of the Roses, it was inevitable that I would eventually get around to watching The White Queen. It’s based on a series of books by Phillipa Gregory and I’d … Continue reading

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Mr Gosling’s Homes for Aged Women

As seen in Watford this weekend….I kept threatening to leave Ma there…

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History – Peninsula Wars and Waterloo

I’m grew up with a more than usually in depth knowledge of the Peninsula Wars and the Battle of Waterloo. Why? Many reasons. First. My mother was fairly keen so it was encouraged. Second. Georgette Heyer, she wrote so vividly … Continue reading

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