Friday Night Cocktail – Raspberry-Ginger Fizz

I am training for a 10k (I may have mentioned it before!)

As the lovely Jem pointed out…if I want to run the 10k in the time I’m aiming for I need to cut out the booze for a bit. I also have a pregnant sister-in-law, so something not alcoholic, but still cocktail like was required (you may call them virgin cocktails, I will not).

Meet the Raspberry-Ginger Fizz


30ml (2 tbs) Raspberry purée

40ml ginger cordial (I used Rochester Ginger)


Fizzy water


1. Blitz your raspberries to make a purée (smash or use a blender)

2. Half fill a highball glass with ice.

3. Add purée and ginger cordial to the glass.

4. Stir

5. Top up with fizzy water.

Variations on this are endless. You could use a different fruit, peach or strawberry could work quite well. You could use tonic water or lemonade or not use cordial and use ginger beer instead of fizzy water.

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3 Responses to Friday Night Cocktail – Raspberry-Ginger Fizz

  1. Heather says:

    this looks SUPER refreshing! YUMMMMMMM

  2. nicdempsey says:

    It’s pretty good, the adult version is coming up!!

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