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Friday Night Cocktail: Aperol Spritz

It’s the return of the Friday Night Cocktail, however, it seemed better to put this out earlier in the week, so that if you decide it looks good, you can make sure you have everything you need before Friday! I’ve … Continue reading

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Support a friend…

..ok technically Gin Monkey (aka Emma) is not a friend but someone I know through the wonderful world of the interwebs, her site is the reason I  joined the London Cocktail Society. I don’t know how she maintains a full … Continue reading

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Not big, not clever and mummy doesn’t do it…

Shit bartenders say (from well…all over the place – mostly Twitter)

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Hours of fun

Drinkify Especially if you’re not drinking through most of November…

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Creme de Violette

This was another birthday present (thanks Michael!) bought so we could make an Aviation cocktail. We did make an Aviation and it looked really, really pretty but I’m still not sure about them. I’m going to have to try again … Continue reading

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The London Cocktail Society had a second evening at Sipsmith on Monday night and I got to go. I first heard about Sipsimith in 2009 when the guy Majestic tried really hard to sell me the vodka! After the hard … Continue reading

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What makes the perfect martini?? There are various schools of thought on this and I’m not going to be a hater.  But for me it has to be gin, and for preference, Plymouth, Hendricks or Martin Miller.  Never Gordons and … Continue reading

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