Changing my mood

I didn’t have a good start to the week. We had a 2.5 day heatwave in London on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. Now people who live in properly hot places probably wouldn’t think of the weather we’ve had as hot, but I’m English and I have to commute on the tube. My journey to and from work often looks like this…

…and that’s a good day! So that at 30°C is not fun.  So I started Monday hot and tired, due to lack of sleep (’caused by being too hot!). The journey into work didn’t make me happy either and I had a headache I couldn’t shake. Work at the moment is not exactly satisfying, I’m over qualified for it and I have to keep reminding myself to be grateful for the money…

To cope with this and with the PMT that is also upon me, I ate for England.  Not good, surprisingly none of this helped the headache or my less than sunny mood. I wasn’t snappy and horrible to anyone else but I wouldn’t have said I was sunny to be around.

Come Tuesday, I still had the headache, it was still hot and I wasn’t loving the job anymore than on Monday. I was still eating for England. Oh on Tuesday, the weather turned and we had a storm, thunder, hail, etc and it was cold. I had to buy an emergency cardigan..

I got home tired, headachey and very, very grumpy.  I went to bed at 9pm and tried to sleep.

I woke up at 5.30am with the same headache and bad attitude, but something in me snapped. I couldn’t carry on like this all week, I wanted to have a better week.

So at 5.30am, I got out of bed, drank a pint of water, took some headache pills and put an icepack on my head. An hour later, the headache was a bit better, not gone but liveable with, so I got up, ate some breakfast and went to work. I also decided that if I was going to eat for England, I would only eat fruit, so I ate strawberries, raspberries, peaches and cherries….

While I was at work, I just reminded myself that I was lucky to have a job and that the people I work with are nice and I made myself go for a walk at lunchtime and I bought a magazine about running and found a 5k to run in September.

I finished the day minus the headache but I wasn’t done. I got home got my running shoes on and went for a run. It was ugly and it hurt, the pollen is up and my breathing was all over the place. But I did 5k and it was my fastest time yet…

I came home, made dinner and felt better.

Today feels like a victory, not much has changed, but my attitude to it did. I didn’t sit and moan about how life isn’t fair and my head hurts and I’m too tired to run. I did a couple of little things that helped me gain control of myself and my day.  Feels really good…

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