Friday Night Cocktail – Sloe Martini

Shocking as it seems, I know people that aren’t keen on gin martinis. In fact, some of them think martinis should be made with vodka and shaken (I blame James Bond)…the only thing you can do for those people is pray for them..

For the people that think they don’t like gin, I try them on this…sometimes it works, sometimes I have to make them something else..but it’s always worth trying. Because sloe gin is technically a liquer, it’s lower in alcohol and sweeter, which is why it works for people who don’t like the slap of almost neat gin.

I tend to use Plymouth Sloe gin but never Gordons because I find it too sweet!) but if you know someone who makes it and is willing to give you some try that!


3 oz sloe gin

1 teaspoon sweet vermouth

Ice, lots of it!


1. Pour the gin and vermouth over ice.

2. Stir

3. Pour into a chilled martini glass

4. Garnish – everything for me is improved with a cocktail cherry, but if you can think of something else, let me know..


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