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Preserving the Plot: Pico de Gallo

I’ve preserved a lot of tomatoes this year but I haven’t preserved a lot of home grown tomatoes. Despite having just over 30 tomato plants this year, we’ve also eaten through a load of them. I’ve eaten so much tomato … Continue reading

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A Summer of Canning: Why I’m preserving more food this year

I have dabbled with canning. I preserved some of my home grown tomatoes, in 2017 but not since, I make jam and marmalade but full on canning has been something I’ve thought about but not actually done. Most of my … Continue reading

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Preserving: Cocktail Cherries

I love cherries in all forms but especially cocktail cherries. Ages ago, I started making my own and while it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it here, I have perfected my method recipe to make it easier, so it’s … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Allotment: Tomato Sauce

Not content with preserving whole tomatoes, I thought I’d branch out a bit. Last year, I made a fresh tomato sauce from the cherry tomatoes. This year I did the same, peeling them and really cooking them down with just … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Allotment: Preserving Tomatoes

Although I’ve found managing the produce that comes off the plot this year much more manageable. I’ve eaten a lot more veg as it comes off the plot, I love the idea of putting up food that I’ve grown. Probably … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Allotment: It’s that time of year

There is so much food coming off the plot this year. Last year, I had an abundance of courgettes and documented a couple of ways to use them. There was pickle, cake, pizza and caviar. The cake and the pizza … Continue reading

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Marmalade 2017

Although I put it down as a February goal, I’ve actually started the marmalade making already. On Saturday, I bought 3 kg of seville oranges. Which is three batches, which should last the year. The real issue is the amount … Continue reading

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Pickled Courgettes

So I’ve been told that right about now is the time that the courgette production should slow down, mine have been producing madly for nearly four months and the end should be in sight. Ha!I’m still looking for ways to use … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago my friend Sue posted a picture of her batch of just made marmalade, which reminded me if that I wanted to make some this year, I needed to get a move on. I didn’t make much jam … Continue reading

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Apple Honey

I eat a lot of plain yoghurt and I wanted something sweet to go with it but I wasn’t sure what. Sugar gets a bad rap nowadays and I try to avoid hidden sugars which is fairly easy to do … Continue reading

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