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Marmalade 2017

Although I put it down as a February goal, I’ve actually started the marmalade making already. On Saturday, I bought 3 kg of seville oranges. Which is three batches, which should last the year. The real issue is the amount … Continue reading

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Apple Honey

I eat a lot of plain yoghurt and I wanted something sweet to go with it but I wasn’t sure what. Sugar gets a bad rap nowadays and I try to avoid hidden sugars which is fairly easy to do … Continue reading

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Raspberry gin / Raspberry jam

This weekend I decanted the raspberry gin.* It’s a beautiful colour and from it I got a 70cl bottle and 7 miniatures (50ml). Then I was left with the problem of what to do with now slightly bleached of colour … Continue reading

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Friday Night Cocktail Revisited

Something with vodka in it. And jam!

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Gooseberry Jam

On Sunday, Waitrose had gooseberries. I don’t often go into Waitrose and gooseberries aren’t often sold anymore but I love them and they were half price so of course I bought them. Then I made jam. There is something very … Continue reading

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