Cooking from the Allotment: It’s that time of year

There is so much food coming off the plot this year. Last year, I had an abundance of courgettes and documented a couple of ways to use them. There was pickle, cake, pizza and caviar. The cake and the pizza don’t even need fresh courgette, I will be grating a bunch in the food processor and freezing the use in the cake and pizza recipe during the winter.

This year, I’ve frozen green beans and made plum jam.I’ve stir fried kale and beet leaves. I’ve put spinach in muffins, I’ve eaten salad practically every day. I’ve put cucumbers in my water.I’ve made carrot top pestoI’ve blitzed kale in the food processor to sprinkle onto soup

Every meal includes a couple of vegatables and if all else fails, I make fritatta!

None of this is a hardship I like to cook and I like vegatables. I’ve more or less stopped menu planning because there is so much produce to eat that I don’t really need to plan what to buy, it’s also not everything, next month the tomatoes will start and probably the courgettes will get over productive!

It’s a lovely but slightly exhausting time!


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2 Responses to Cooking from the Allotment: It’s that time of year

  1. Hello! Hope you are doing well! Love your farm to table vibe (= u =) Very awesome garden! I am nominating you for the mystery blogger award!

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