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Food at Home: Hummus

I’ve not eaten food I didn’t cook for quite a while now, I’ve seen people talk about how lovely it’s been since lockdown has eased, to go out to a restaurant and I know lots of people have been ordering … Continue reading

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Tomatoes that don’t taste like disapointment

I didn’t eat raw tomatoes until I was an adult. In my late thirties, I would occasionally eat a bruschetta but not very often. Then I got an allotment. In my first year, I grew some gifted cherry plants and … Continue reading

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Lockdown Cooking

I think I’ve said before that I’m not finding cooking during lockdown all that hard, I cook most of what I eat anyway and not having to pack it up to eat in the office is actually easier. I also … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Baking

Last weekend, with the rain pouring and the storm storming, I stayed inside and baked. I made some bread rolls. I make these all the time, (usually halving the recipe because 24 is more rolls than one woman needs, using … Continue reading

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First pluck your pheasant

My boss, has someone who supplies him with pheasants and before I started working for him, I mentioned the plot and he suggested we could do a swap of produce for pheasant! Last week, he brought in a bird. There … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Winter Work

Winter on the plot is the time for working on the things you don’t get around to in the spring and summer. There isn’t a lot growing (we have kale, chard, leeks and overwintering broad beans and cauliflowers) but there … Continue reading

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What I Ate: Food, Cooking and Budgets Weeks Two and Three

So I’ve not been great at updating this, so I’m going to post this today and on Thursday, resume posting on Thursdays! It’s a busy time for my brain right now so things are happening but the documentation is lacking! … Continue reading

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Food Budget Reset

It’s September and with the sole of exception of Saturday because it’s family dinner so it won’t be OTT, I’m not drinking alcohol this month. There are two months of the year where we’re encouraged to give up drinking for … Continue reading

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Classic White Loaf

This weekend, I made bread. I used to make bread fairly often but haven’t done it much recently. However I had just made some jam and if you have jam then you need bread to properly taste test it. The … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Plot: Gooseberry Compote

We are nearly at the end of gooseberry season at chez Dempsey and it’s been amazing. We’ve had about 5kgs all in and even for a gooseberry loving pair it’s been a lot. I’m not sure what the variety is … Continue reading

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