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I know people who grew up thinking kedgeree was a weekly meal. I did not, we didn’t eat a lot of fish growing up, there was fish and chips for Saturday tea (fish from Marks and Spencer’s from Grandad and … Continue reading

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Cooking from the Plot: Courgette and Tomato Pasta Sauce

It’s August and at some point in August, you can guarantee there will be a post about how to use up a courgette. We got one on Tuesday and five on Saturday, which isn’t an excessive amount but they were … Continue reading

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What foods do you always have in the house? You know the ones that your cooking and eating are built around? Mayonnaise is not one of those foods in my house, at best I bought it because I needed it … Continue reading

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Another use for pancakes

Lasagna but with pancakes instead of pasta. I try and work pancakes into the entire evening meal on pancake day! I regret nothing…

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Food Lately

All my focus this month has been on learning to get back into the routine of a full time job. This means that I’ve been making a real effort to pack breakfast and lunch. It’s really funny, the fridge starts … Continue reading

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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been eating soup for lunch. Soup is a perfect meal planning staple, when I was starting to meal plan, part of my process was to make a vegetable soup using all the vegetables … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: 2018

It’s January and I’m desperate for time to hurry up and Spring to spring so I can get back to growing things. However, last year I started sowing too early, so this year I’m holding my nerve and not sowing … Continue reading

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