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Eat Real Food

I hope I’ve been honest about how I cook and eat food because it’s important. What we eat is important for our health but it’s not only that. We live in a world that is experiencing climate crisis. Where not … Continue reading

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Tomato Soup

At this time of year, the amount of soup I eat/drink increases, it’s the best way I know of using up veg, the ‘kitchen sink’ soup is my thing. At the moment, soup is my go to dinner for the … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Planting things

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to allotment tasks, I’m always late to do something. This year it was the leeks. I should have planted them out in July but it was so hot and the … Continue reading

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Food lately

It’s the middle of September and while I’ve been dealing with a slight overload of produce. These have been some of the meals that are helping me deal with it! Baked feta and tomato pasta. I’m late to this one … Continue reading

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Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie

I’ve been using Oddbox for about a year now. I’ve settled into a small veg box and a fruit booster very other week and it’s been useful for making sure I get a lot of veg. I may stop the … Continue reading

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Recommended: Riley’s Fish Shack

On Tuesday, we went to Tynemouth. We visited the Priory and then walked to King Edward’s Bay to have lunch at Riley’s Fish Shack. We didn’t book, but they were happy to set us up with two deckchairs, a table … Continue reading

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Low Spend January

On Tuesday, I talked about what I want to do/achieve this month. One of those things was low spend January. My intention is not to buy anything (aside from food) for the month of January. I live in a small … Continue reading

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Preserving the Plot: Quick Pickles

It took an age to get any cucumbers but we’ve had 22 in two weeks! I love cucumbers, but this is a lot, my sister in law is having the same issue, my brother says they are eating them in … Continue reading

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The Potato Thing

2021 will mark the year that I ate more potatoes than I have never eaten. Potatoes have featured in every Oddbox I’ve had and we grew quite a few of them this year. It’s not a problem, I quite like … Continue reading

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This is a great recipe, it’s looks and taste are much greater than the effort. As you can see I added tomatoes but it’s great plain too, I want to try onions next.

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