Pickled Courgettes

So I’ve been told that right about now is the time that the courgette production should slow down, mine have been producing madly for nearly four months and the end should be in sight.

Ha!img_4910I’m still looking for ways to use up my courgettes, because I don’t want one of them to be left behind. The courgette marmalade was a bust but this courgette pickle was a revelation.

I’m obsessed by it, it’s just so good, even people who don’t like pickled things, quite like this. I add it to salads, eat it on the side or inside sandwiches and I’m sure that there are other ways I haven’t tried yet!img_4817-1I’ve made 6 batches of this so far and naturally, I made some changes to the recipe.

First, the ingredients. I used ordinary sugar instead of golden caster (there was a time when golden caster was all I used – things have changed!), I didn’t have and couldn’t find celery seeds and for some reason stuck fennel seeds in and it worked so I’ve just continued to use them. I used half a teaspoon of mild chilli power instead of half a dried chill and one whole onion thinly sliced, instead of 3 shallots, finally, I’ve made this using a mixture of white and red wine vinegar as well as cider vinegar and either way it’s been good.

Then the method, after soaking the courgettes and onion in the brine, I spun them in the salad spinner  (which this summer has become the most useful piece of kitchen equipment I own!). Rather than adding the vegetables to the liquid and then trying to get it all in the jars, I put the veg in the sterilised jars, then I poured the pickling liquid into the jars.

I next time I make this and there will be a next time because it’s good, I’m going to can it so that it’ll be self stable outside of the fridge because my fridge is currently full of jars of this stuff. Assuming that this works ok, this pickle is a candidate for Christmas presents this year, but then again I might just eat it all before that!

I think what I’m trying to tell you is that this pickle is completely customisable to different tastes and still good and uses up lots of courgettes. Go and make it in big batches!


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