The Cold that will not die and other things I’m not happy about…

Ok it’s official, this cold will not go away…IMG_2724I’m now on the third week of feeling grotty. I have a sore chest, coughing fits and am bunged up, in fact at night when I turn over, I’m woken up by the squeaking noise that my draining sinuses make, coughing also wakes me up and last night was so bad I threw up. I’m tired and fed up, I’m not properly sick but I’m not properly well either and just done with this. What’s it going to take to get this sodding virus to leave me the hell alone?

We had a tiny bit of snow overnight. Although there seems to be a fair amount of train chaos at the moment, none of it was on my line or seems to be caused by the snow. Yay. London didn’t fall over because of half an inch of snow. Finally! Mind you it wasn’t proper snow!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m really trying hard not to be grumpy, with only partial success, provided no one speaks to me after about 7pm, I can do it. After that I really don’t have a conversation in me or the ability to be nice. I’m blaming tiredness but I do sometimes wonder if it’s age and I’m slowly turning into my father, except without the beard and the drinking! I’m not impressed with life this week, Ol’s face here perfectly sums up how I feel!20140721-072332-26612119.jpg


Right I’m going to boil my head and try and cheer the hell up!!


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