Clothes Shopping Sucks

I’m currently having a bad clothes month. This month all of my clothes are falling to bits. Working with a limited wardrobe is fine, I actually find it much easier, but when that limited wardrobe decides it’s had enough, it means shopping. The worse loss was my black work dress, which I love but have owned for over seven years, developed a hole (handbag rubbing) there was no coming back from. Sigh.

The photo above is a pretty good depiction of how I would like to dress all the time, but I limit it to summertime and sub Saharan Africa. Basically, I generally mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes and next weekend I’m going to a wedding.

photo by Justin Davies

If this wasn’t bad enough, I need new shoes, all of the shoes that I used to wear for dress up are unwearable since the osteotomy. I’m well provisioned for winter, I have five pairs of boots.  However, I don’t possess any summer shoes or really suitable work shoes. I live in these and trainers. I’m not vain but this is getting ridiculous.

So I embarked on trying to find an outfit (and the money for an outfit). I’m the first to admit that I’m not easy to dress. I’m 5’6 and I’m overweight, I’m also not helped by having figure that shops don’t much cater for, no bum to speak of, broad shoulders and large of chest and stomach. I also have wide feet and can’t wear heels. I can’t get my feet into most of the range of shoes that M&S sell, not even the ‘wider fitting’ ones. Every thing in the high street is a frilly, synthetic monstrosity and/or designed for a lithe 20 year old. It’s pretty simple, I want something comfortable that isn’t gathered, frilled or puffed, that doesn’t show of my midriff or look like a sack and preferably doesn’t cost more than my sofa. I would like shoes that are comfortable, which rules out hooker shoes, but neither do I want them to look like slippers. It shouldn’t be that hard. It is.

I found a dress I like, but the 16 was tight across the bust, did they have an 18, yes, in Chicester, none in London. At that point I just snapped. I found a pair of sandals that’ll be fine once I’ve worn them in (happening this week) and I’ll wear a summer dress that I already have. However, I’m really, really cross about it all.

This is the reason that it’s easier to spend money on the plot and makeup and gin, it’s because those things don’t require dramatic outlay or having to trapse around shops trying to find things that are comfortable, appropriate and go with the things I already have, clothes shopping right now is like searching for the holy grail.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable but all of my usual shops are letting me down. It’s ridiculous…

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