Shopping Woes

Yes, I was just complaining about how difficult I find clothes shopping, but I’m more annoyed than I thought because my shoping issues have continued through the summer.

I bought a top, I took it home and it just didn’t sit right on my chest (the joys of having a big bust) so I took it back to M&S, and when the nice lady processing the refund asked me, I told her about it. She noted, because she is a good salesperson, that that store had just revamped it’s lingerie dept and I should have a look because they had worked to really cater to all sizes. So I did. There were many pretty bras. It was mid week, I was on holiday, I looked at every single bra on display, there was not one in my size, in the ranges that said they catered for my cup size, there were three bras in that cup size but not the right back size.Now, I know that I’m a big of bust, but the day before, I had walked into Bravissimo and walked out with three new bras in my size, the bra I had asked about they didn’t have in store but could get it sent to the store or my house. We were dealing with a range of bras that I had bought before so it wasn’t neccessary for me to be fitted but they could have arranged that and I could have probably found a lot of new styles in my size. At M&S, when I asked, they didn’t have any of the bras I was interested in, in stock and couldn’t order for me but I could look on their website. But with a new bra, you need to try them on.Generally, I’m just fed up of clothes shops always being out of the sizes I wear, whether it’s clothes or shoes. Is there a special vortex that larger sizes disappear to? because I’m getting really tired of shops only having the clothes I might want to buy in all sizes from 4 to 14 and then nothing until size 22. I also finally bought a dress a wanted (remember the East dress back in July) in the sale but although it said it was the blue dress, they sent me the pink dress because the blue had sold out. Then I tried again with a top and the 18 didn’t fit (in a shop when the 18 is often too big for me).

I think I’m just destined not to have nice clothes for a while but it’s something else, if all the sizes 16 to 20 in a blue dress sell out, what is that telling you who is buying your clothes? My biggest frustration is that I know the kind of clothes I want to buy, but the shops that I usually go to, stopped catering for me and for women like me. The interesting thing is that loads of people I know (and some I don’t) are saying this about the high street right now. So who are they catering for, their sales are going up so why can’t they identify their audience?

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