Darkness is not my friend

This morning, when my alarm went off at 5:45, the sun was not beaming through my window. Ok, so that could be because the weather recently has been rain with a side of dull and cloudy but it’s because sunrise isn’t until 6.08am. The longest day was 21 June and gradually sunrise and sunset are getting later and earlier and today as I considered whether to put the lamp on, it struck me that it’s not going to get better until it gets worse.


Winter is coming and it’s bringing the dark.

If you’ve been round these parts for any amount of time, you’ll know that I have issues with winter. In fact a quick flick around former posts proves that this happens every year about this time and every year I forget.

I find that the real trick to surviving winter is to be ruthlessly organised, and this is the time to start planning for it. I noticed this week that I’m naturally starting the process, I’ve started to get ready for bed at 9.30pm, so I’m ready to sleep at 10pm. I’ve enforced the no drinking on a school night rule for a couple of weeks now, the house is tidy (apart from the camping kit in the living room!) and I’m not letting things like washing up and ironing slide.


I didn’t realise what I was doing until this morning, when it was dark, and I was underslept and more than a bit grumpy about it being morning already, and I walked into a tiny kitchen, make a cup of mint tea and put my already made lunch in my bag. I left the house early even though I had to wash and dry my hair. I’m getting ready for winter.

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