Acceptable behaviour

Despite lots on at work and a migraine this week, I am feeling remarkably cheerful. It could be because I have most of next week off and I’m going to spend quite a bit of the next couple of weeks, seeing people I’m fond of, it could just be that I’m drinking more coffee! Either way cheerful is good and that I maintained cheerful through the following things on my morning commute is nothing short of a miracle.

People, here are things you should not do on the Tube during rush hour, well some of them you just shouldn’t do but if you do them in rush hour you are asking to be punched!

Grown adults on scooters, scooting down the platform. 

Let’s break this down. First, you are an adult on a child’s toy. Second, this is a crowded rush hour platform. I accept that I may be a stick in the mud and that the use of a scooter by a grown up might be an acceptable way of expressing a child like attitude (I still go on swings for instance) but it’s a crowded rush hour platform. If it’s not acceptable for small children to do it, it’s not acceptable for you to do it, you nearly knocked several people over. Grow up and leave the damn scooter at home.


Parents who think that 7:50 is a good time to take their four children into London to see the sights before it ‘gets crowded’

This is just stupid. What part of rush hour don’t you understand? I’ve mentioned this before but rush hour is a terrible time to be on the Tube. If you don’t have to be, don’t. Also you are upsetting the commuters and traumatising your kids. Travel after 9:30 for goodness sake!

People who stand in front of doors and escalators.

Why? Just use some common sense and stand to one side while checking your phone or map. Special mention to the couple blocking the door to the train this morning and making out. The Tube is not the place for that kind of heavy petting, no-where public is (and if I tell you that one of the children mentioned above told the train what colour the girl’s knickers were, you’ll get an idea of how involved they were!)


Women putting make up on whilst on the train.

I can’t bear it. I have noticed that woman who do this usually have really bad skin, it’s because every morning they are rubbing dirt into their faces. Look, blow your nose after you’ve been on the Tube, that black stuff, it’s not nice, so why are you rubbing it into your face? Put it on before you leave the house or do it in the bathroom at work, please for the sake of my gag reflex

People who put suitcases on train seats.

No, no, no. It’s rude, inconsiderate and anti-social.

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