The Annual Cold

I’ve been full of cold over the last two weekends and it seems as though it’s going to last into Christmas.This cold seems to have bought it’s friend, hacking cough, along too. Any of you that have been following along for a while may remember the cold that would not die from Jan 2015 which hung around until March and turned into a chest infection/flu. It was a while after that that I finally got the GP to agree that the cough was asthma not acid reflux and prescribe something for it. Since then I have caught colds but not had the barking cough. Until this one. Last night the cough was so bad, I threw up and honestly it’s pretty frightening. I was in bed early and it seems better today, I am at work (because you should avoid being sick in your first week of a new job!) but I’m really not sure what’s going to help.

So far my honey, lemon and ginger drink is helping but other than my inhalers, there isn’t much else that helps.Fingers crossed that I’ll get better soon because it’s really not good and I’m fed up of it and myself right now.

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