You know now I said at the weekend that the key to surviving this week was going to be organisation and that meant a busy weekend. Well I didn’t get things done on the weekend, there was an incident with a bottle of leaking weedkiller, that lead to a massive coughing fit that required my inhaler and then a while later me being very sick.

So Sunday’s to do list was cancelled and I feel pretty awful back to feeling like someone is stepping on my chest. Work is still too busy and I know that I have lots to do but I’m slowed down because I can’t think straight. So yesterday, I was in at 8.20am and I left at 6.40pm, came home, ate dinner, did the ironing that didn’t get done on the weekend and went to bed. I have three more days in the office and I’m not really expecting to enjoy them but it’s only three days.

I am frustrated, I was beginning to feel in control and now with a head full of things to do, limited time and a cough, control seems like a distant dream.

So good things, it’s only three more days, then I’ll be here or at least on the way to here and I won’t care….


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