The Grind

We are just past the middle of February, it’s getting lighter in the mornings, the weather is an improvement on the weekend but I have to be honest, I’m not feeling it.

I’m tired and mostly grumpy, even though I have nothing to be grumpy about. It’s like I’m on overload, lights are too bright, noises (and people) are too loud, everything is too damn difficult and a week in room with a bed, some books and a radio sounds heavenly.

All that to say, I feel this month like I do in November. Which sucks, but the cure is the same, I just have to grind it out and eventually I will be happy and less irritable, for now though, this is where I am.

In November, I practice being cheerful and grateful, because I know that helps me reset my brain so here is a mini grateful list to remind me that I’m doing ok.

I have been at work every day at 8:30. So weather, SAD, PMT and GWR be damned, I am getting out of bed and doing what I need to do. Also the flat is more or less tidy. So I’m functioning and therefore cannot be nearly as useless as I feel.img_5900

It’s getting lighter in the mornings

I got to Grace this month, which I really needed. I’ve entertained people that weren’t my mother in my house, been out to dinner and a birthday party.img_5952

Seedlings, which is a very cheering thing, new life and growing etcimg_5930

I woodchipped the allotment in the snow, so well done me for both physical effort AND a tidy plot. img_5939

Also hurrah for the garlic and onions surviving winter and the broadbeans germinating and coming to life.img_5945

This was send to me yesterday! I don’t do Valentine’s Day at all but my friends know me well!


Whatever else is going on a glass of wine and some chocolate are good for me!img_5924

So that’s where I am right now. Grinding it out. It will be Spring soon….


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