Fix One Thing

I’ve been working from home for a year and I’m stuck in something of a rut, I have absolutely lost my mojo and I need to get it back. One of my friends had the brilliant idea of tackling one thing a day that I’d been putting off, the idea is that I’ll regain my mojo because I’ll look around the flat and see all the things I can do, and I’ll want to do more.

These are not big things, it’s not painting the living room (so needs to be done) or replacing a kitchen, it’s the little things that need doing that you never get around to, like the shirt that needs handwashing or hanging a picture. You know the niggling things that you put off and put off because the idea of them is exhausting (like how I feel about hoovering!) but that once you do them only take five minutes or so hands on time.

So in the last couple of weeks, these are the things I’ve done:

  • Cleaned all the limescale off the loo (Harpic Power Plus to the rescue)
  • Cleaned the cooker hood;
  • Fixed the wobbly knife rack, so it doesn’t wobble any more;
  • Refixed the hook in the kitchen that had come off the wall;
  • Re-habbed all the house plants, giving haircuts where necessary, adding perlite to the tops to try and prevent fungus gnats, and adding plant feeders to them;
  • Cleaned and re-organised the cupboard under the sink;
  • Hoovered (twice in two weeks, which is a miracle because I loathe hoovering);
  • Put all the used and cleaned jars away in the cupboard of doom;
  • Cleaned the glass on the living room door;
  • Ironed and put laundry away as soon as it was dry; and
  • Started off a new batch of vanilla extract.

There is a bunch of other stuff to do (oven cleaning and freezer defrosting spring to mind) but it’s helping me feel more in control of my life. So I would recommend it as a strategy if you’re feeling a little blah..

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