The joys of a day off work (or even two days)

I’m naturally very lazy, my perfect life would be me in my flat and lounging about reading books.However, life, with work, the flat, the allotment, having friends and a life generally, I don’t get to spend all that much time doing what I love. Also that life has been pretty busy, it’s summer and I seem to spend all of my time watering and socialising and not much time at home. All of this is good, I wouldn’t want anyone to thing that my life is no fun but last week, I hit a wall. I felt like my house and my life needed a tidy. So I took Friday and Monday off to sort it out (and spend some time lounging about with a book!)

I really needed it. I also spent some time watching Dr Who!

The house is tidy, all the laundry and food prep are done and this week should be relatively hassle free and I only have two more weeks until I have a week off.Life is pretty good…

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