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Allotment Adventures: A Tidy Up

I love to read Allan Jenkins’ Sunday column in the Observer about his allotment. This week, in one of the comments, someone talks about this time of year and the garden’s descent into chaos. While the plot isn’t actually in … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Seedlings

We’re at the point in the allotment year, when I’m either worrying about seedlings, either they’re leggy and indoors or maybe dying and outside. Either way I always feel that I’ve got it wrong and it always works out. I’m … Continue reading

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A Day at Kew Gardens

London in August is interesting. Unlike Paris, the city doesn’t empty of everyone who lives there the other 11 months of the year to make room for the tourists. Although, it’s a bit quieter because the schools are out, the … Continue reading

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Weekend Task List

It’s the weekend, and I’m tired. I’m still not 100% better post flu so I’m keeping the task list for the weekend simple. Make Bread Clean the fridge Defrost the freezer Hoover all the floors Change the bed Washing and Ironing … Continue reading

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February Recap and Plans for March

February was not a good month. I sort of feel that January and February have been ruined by my being sick and that I’ve yet to start the year at all. I want to feel well and nothing that I … Continue reading

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Saturday To Do List

For the first Saturday of the New Year, I’m going to have a haircut, there isn’t a lot of housework to do this weekend ’cause I did a lot for NYE and last night ’cause Christina and Tom were here … Continue reading

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Weekend Tasklist

This weekend requires a to do list, so here it is. HouseI have one week left at work and anything that needs doing for Christmas, can be done then. So the priority housework is stuff that makes next week easier. … Continue reading

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