Monday Miscellany: Busy Busy

Happy Monday!

I have been busy this week, with huge amounts of sitting on the sofa at my brother’s house..

So on Monday, I had a half day and used it cleaning a friend’s house in preparation for their kid coming home from hospital, I was there again on Friday to clean out the fridge and kitchen. I also discovered that the Tesco Antibacterial Cleaner Spray sets off my asthma because my breathing went to buggery when I was cleaning a bathroom with it, I had never used it before, I am a devoted Wilko cleaning products person!

Work is getting busier, the team are trying to get the last audit reports of the year out and we’re (well not me but the team!) are on the cusp of finishing the 2020 plan and we work in an industry that just shuts down for a bit in December so basically if it’s not done by the first week of December it’s not going to get done because half of the people that make decisions aren’t in the office. We also had a team meeting with some of our non exec directors. For the actual work that I do, I’m doing stuff for a day that my boss is organising this week, I’m also trying to organise 202o standing meetings for the team and various other people, do work for the team offsite at the end of this month and I’ve just finished my first month in the team so I need to keep checking back to make sure that I’m not missing anything (loading stuff on the intranet and team sharepoint!). That’s 80% of my work week, with the other 20% devoted to the Marketing Exec Director all this means that I’m busy which I’m enjoying but I really need to start keeping better tasks lists, I didn’t need to in the old role but now it’s becoming necessary!

The weekend was also busy, on Saturday morning, I was up at 7:30am and off to the allotment and then home for some housework, until it was time to go to my brother’s. Everyone is fine, the nephews are mostly delightful and I think Ben and Lu had a good night out. The best thing was getting to watch the Chelsea game, which we won 1-2, it was a bit nervy at the end but good to see it coming together a bit.

Sunday morning was home and because Ma hired a car, it was time for her to take half the squash and various things to her house. Then more housework for a couple of hours with a hard deadline of 4pm, so I could have time not to be doing.

This week is a busy work week and I’ll be doing my party helper thing for a children’s birthday party on Saturday. My focus this week is about making sure that I get out in the fresh air for a bit, that I get at least 10,000 steps a day and that I maintain my bedtime routine, because that saved me this week!


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