Housework for One: The Winter Plan – Bathroom

With autumn on the way, it’s getting darker and I know that I’m going to find it harder to function. Which means that, as the schools go back and summer is over, I start to develop or restart old routines that help me cope during winter.

So this month I’m going to spend some time on the blog talking about my winter plan for keeping the house tidy and clean. When I feel in control of my space, it’s easier for me to be in control of my emotions. Having a set routine really helps when I’m in the depths of winter depression and don’t want to do anything at all. If the flat is chaotic, my head is more likely to be, it’s easier to feel that my whole life is worthless.

As ever, when I talk about SAD and how I deal with it, I also need to point out that I’m talking about what works for me. I am not in any way saying that this is how you should cope if you have this issue. My coping mechanisms are the result of years of experience and therapy and work for me but might not work for you. If you have depression (SAD related or otherwise) how you cope is something you need to talk to a health professional aboutI’m going to start in the bathroom because that’s the place I don’t see properly most. What I mean by that is most of the time I spend in the bathroom is done while I’m not wearing glasses or contact lenses. When I’m in the shower, I can’t actually see my feet clearly so I don’t really notice the state of the bath and when it’s mostly dark during the hours I’m at home, the sunlight doesn’t highlight my cleaning flaws! I do wipe the shower down every time I use it and I wipe down the sink every couple of days. The bathroom bin gets emptied every time I change the kitchen one and the toilet gets cleaned weekly. Everything else, the floor, the dust behind the toilet and sink get done when I notice it’s terrible. So I’m aiming to change that by having a routine for cleaning, it shouldn’t actually take much more time but having it on a list somewhere, should help.The changes to this routine are just about being more aware, changing some of the daily task things and scheduling in a bathroom deep clean once a month. I’ve also moved all the cleaning equipment and sprays etc into the bathroom, I don’t have to worry about small children getting their hands on chemicals but having it all in the place I need it makes it easier to do!Daily

  • Wipe down shower and spray with shower spray
  • Wipe down sink every day (after I’ve washed my face and teeth before bed)

Weekly (or as needed)

  • Clean toilet
  • Polish mirrors
  • Empty bin
  • Water plants


  • Clean bathroom floor
  • Clean bath and shower screen
  • Clean and sort white boxes next to bath
  • Clean bathroom cabinet
  • Clean window

Anyone else embarking on a autumn rather than spring clean?

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