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Friday Links: Still Indoors

Happy Friday! The world is pretty crazy right now, everyone who can be, is mostly indoors. Key workers are exhausted, parents are exhausted, everyone is struggling. I think the thing I want to say most is that it’s not a … Continue reading

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2016 Goal Recap – April

April was a solid month, I did get sick and I went on holiday but I had saved my holiday spending money in advance, I exercised a bit more and I feel in more control of it all. I’ve cut … Continue reading

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The Weekend

Or the weekend, I forgot to take any photos until Sunday! Friday night was the usual, Friday Night pizza, a G&T and sitting in my lovely tidy living room. Saturday was a quiet day, I spoke to Ma in the … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Last week was mostly about the benefit cuts that the Govt are implementing. This Govt in a very real way are heirs to Thatcher and on Monday she died. She was the first female prime minster and her legacy is undeniable … Continue reading

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Foodie Pen Pals

Carol Ann at Rock Salt started up and runs the UK/Europe branch of Foodie Pen Pals.  (in the US it was the brainchild of Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean). April was the first month I’d participated I had to send a … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I applied for my visa for Cote d’Ivoire.  It was an experience. The form had to be filled out in French (good job I know a native French speaker or two!). Now I know that technically an embassy is … Continue reading

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Moving Part One

Part one is moving everything out of where I am and into storage.  Then I’m going to live with my mother for a bit (and rediscover why I moved out and she really wanted me to), go on holiday, come … Continue reading

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On the move

I’m moving. It’s time, it’s good and it’s bad. At this point moving means leaving Fulham and moving back to Ealing.  I need to live by myself and I can just about afford to do that in Ealing but not … Continue reading

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Four day weekend. Most of this weekend for me is about Church. Last night, I miss today (though I am going to hear the Messiah sung at the Albert Hall, it’s tradition!), I’m going to hear Dionne sing at her … Continue reading

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