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Friday Links

Happy Friday!  Generally, it’s not been a great week for news, the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart but here are this week’s link’s Wondering if I need to start calling her Madame Ambassador now.  This is … Continue reading

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Cooking as a chore

Yesterday, I went to see Ryan and Claire and deliver a baby bath and some carrot cakes. We talked, Ryan was cleaning the kitchen and I told him that keeping two bottles of champagne upright and exposed to sunlight for … Continue reading

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Stations of the Cross

I’ve talked a bit about my faith in this space before and it’s Lent so I wanted to talk a bit more about what I’m doing in this time but this is my personal perspective, it’s not trying to make anyone feel bad or … Continue reading

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Food and Budget Update: 05/03 to 11/03/2016

This was a bad week. Mostly because I had an upset tummy for most of the week. SHOPPING  I decided on Saturday that I didn’t really need to shop this week. There seemed to be lots of food hanging about … Continue reading

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Life Happened: This is getting silly…

I caught a bug that involved me being very ill and not being able to eat much.  I did manage to get back to work on Tuesday and was around for the monthly meeting that I minute (5 and half … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Happy Friday!  It’s been a busy week and I am ready for the weekend! Here are this week’s links…. Is it time to stop caring so much about work? Living alone is the dream but it can be a nightmare … Continue reading

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Food and Budget Update: 27/02 to 04/03/2016

Hello, this update is late because I spent Sunday night being ill (yes again!), Ma had something too so it’s not just me but it is annoying. Anyway, this is last week’s recap.. SHOPPING  Here are the shopping lists… They … Continue reading

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