Food and Budget Update: 20/02 to 26/02/2016

It that time of the week! Here’s this week’s recap on what I ate and spent on eating…



I got all fancy this week and did three lists! I didn’t buy carrots, peppers or mushrooms this week because I didn’t use much last week with the whole not eating for two days. Onions and parsnips were on offer and I needed to replenish the frozen vegetables (I always have spinach and peas in my freezer and usually have corn, broccoli or cauliflower and green beans. I also prefer to buy them from Iceland because the spinach is whole leaf and it’s easy to get everything there knowing it’s all £1 a bag)

Here are the receipts

Got everything on my various lists and came in at £14.93. Here’s what that looked like…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALidl have started carrying wholemeal bread flour as well as just white so I bought both colours.


I’m trying to shake up my breakfasts a bit or I’ll get granola and yoghurt fatigue and stop eating breakfast. I saw a recipe for quinoa egg muffins and with some adaption (added vegetables, basil instead of mint) made those, I ate those each morning with some carrot batons.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALunch was noodle salad (made with spelt spaghetti) and spinach. I had pineapple and a marmalade muffin as snacks. I also had fruit from work too.

Dinners were more varied. I was out on Saturday and we had Indian takeaway, on Sunday I think I was still full from the day before because I didn’t notice that I’d skipped dinner until about 8:30 on Sunday night and it was too late to eat then!

Monday was a mixed of vegetable (spinach, onion, peppers) and quinoa with chickpeas and an egg (and I really didn’t realise how bad that photo was after I took it – sorry!)Tuesday was roasted vegetables (potato, carrot, onion and parsnips) with baked fish.

 Wednesday was pasta with vegetables and the leftover fish from Tuesday

 Thursday was sauted potatoes and vegetables with an egg… Friday Night Pizza was a repeat of the sausage and spinach and was fantastic!

Shopping is easier the earlier I do it. I was up and out of the door before 9am on Saturday so I could get it done before I left for Watford and the whole experience was better. I won’t be able to do that next week but I do think I should make it the first weekend chore that I do every week.

I also need to check my work diary, this week was another week where I planned for 5 days but I had a work lunch, it wasn’t a problem I just ate the spare on the weekend! I also have noticed that some weeks it seems like there are loads of options and some weeks not, this is more to do with what else is going on, work was pretty straightforward this week and I think maybe my brain had more space for thinking creatively about my dinner!



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