Little Goals – March 2016

How are we into March already? This month is Mother’s Day and Easter which is quite enough excitement and includes Easter Bank Holidays…yay!



Spring cleaning. It’s time to do the boring stuff, deep clean in the kitchen, windows in the living room, that sort of stuff.


Limited drinking. I did pretty well with this last month and I want to carry on being mindful about it.

Yoga 4 times this month. I totally sucked at this in February, but I need to start testing my foot a bit more.

Stretching: This is slightly different from the yoga, I have stretching that I should be doing for my knees and I just need to remember to do it every day.

Exercise. I need to start walking a bit more so I’m going to get off the bus a stop earlier on the way to work and on the way home, just to get that daily limit up…DSCF4423


We are still in Lent and more of the same, I may not make it to Grace in March ’cause of the structure of it but so far I’m pretty happy with how Lent is going so I need to carry on with it…



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