Life Happened: This is getting silly…

I caught a bug that involved me being very ill and not being able to eat much.  I did manage to get back to work on Tuesday and was around for the monthly meeting that I minute (5 and half hours of my life I’ll never get back!) That is all you need to know about Monday through Thursday because not much else happened.

On Thursday night I stayed at Ma’s. I gave this to Ma for Christmas and she’s found a place for it above the phone. I think it may just be the family motto..  Ma also uttered the most perfect sentence that summed up the reason behind so many of her life choices on Thursday night. While listening to Chris Stapleton, her current favourite musician she said “I do love a man with with a beard”. I stayed at Ma’s because I had Friday off work so I could recover from the very dull meeting on Thursday and have my haircut. Hurrah for having a fringe I can see through again and also a sunny Friday….
  On Saturday, we went to see Hail Caesar. It was funny but I felt a bit unformed although that could be because I’m still outraged by the cost of a ticket to the cinema £11.79. If you want to know why people don’t go to the cinema as much as they used to, that’s your reason right there.  On Saturday night, it seemed that I’d had a recurrence of the visiting mice. The traps and poison were untouched but there were droppings. So after bleaching everything in the kitchen, I applied wine…
Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day. I did shopping and chores and went to the library. I also spent a lot of time listening to the BBC C2C coverage over Sunday and spoke to Sarah and Ryan.

So the bad start to the week had a good end…


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