Food and Budget Update: 05/03 to 11/03/2016

This was a bad week. Mostly because I had an upset tummy for most of the week.


I decided on Saturday that I didn’t really need to shop this week. There seemed to be lots of food hanging about and I only really needed to feed myself for four days. So I decided to use the £15 to shop without a list.

This is what happens when I shop without a plan or a list…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The total was £13.18. My usual basic vegetables of peppers, onions and mushrooms and added courgettes. I topped up with spices to replace some of the lost ones and bought pear drops and polos..



I cooked some rice and vegetables for lunches on Sunday but I started to feel really, really ill on Sunday night and that graduated to vomiting and it wasn’t nice. On Monday, I didn’t eat or drink at all and although I was feeling well enough to go to the office to work, I didn’t feel well enough to eat much. So at work I ate bananas and rice cakes and at home I ate the rice I had cooked on Sunday. I was eating on Thursday and stayed at Ma’s, we had a chicken but on Friday night it all caught up with me and again I didn’t eat anything.


You don’t eat much when you have a tummy bug! But more than that, look at how quickly my weekly spending can go on very little.  When I have a list I’ve already done the hard work of planning my eating for the next week and checking what’s on offer, so I can go in and be single minded about what I’m going to buy but without a plan and just on a whim, it’s really easy to rack up the cost…




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