Food and Budget Update: 27/02 to 04/03/2016

Hello, this update is late because I spent Sunday night being ill (yes again!), Ma had something too so it’s not just me but it is annoying. Anyway, this is last week’s recap..


Here are the shopping lists…


They didn’t have any pesto in Lidl and I forgot to pick it up in Sainburys. I did have some basil and oil cubes in the freezer so used those instead, which is what I should have done in the first place. I opted for peaches instead of apricots and forgot to pick up the Sainsburys receipt here’s the Lidl one


Total spent was £13.25 and here’s what that bought OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As ever it seems like a lot and at the same time not very much!

I also bought a whole bunch of stuff for the Mother’s Day lunch on Saturday. That kind of entertaining doesn’t come out of my weekly £15, instead I have a £30 budget and I bought double the amount of pork shoulder I needed because I’m an idiot but I’ll talk about that a bit more in next week’s recap!


I grazed over the weekend. I have noticed that I don’t talk about what I eat at the weekend and that’s because unless people are coming for dinner, don’t really sit down and have set food but generally I have toast for breakfast and leftovers for lunch/dinner or I forget to eat. I also had a lazy weekend and my food prep was not as organised as usual, I also had two days working from home this week so was a bit more relaxed about it. I made yoghurt/granola pots for breakfasts and winged it a bit for lunches. I used the leftover quinoa egg muffins and ate them with salad on Monday, had toast on Tuesday and was out for lunch on Wednesday. On Thursday, I took a salad into work and was out on Friday.

Monday night dinner was baked eggs

 Tuesday night was pork ragu with rice and roasted broccoli and I forgot to take a photo of it (I was hungry and it’s not photogenic although it tastes amazing)

Wednesday, I was still so full from lunch, I had a salad.

Thursday was fend for yourself which basically means no plan and yet again no photo

Friday should have been FNP but I ended up at Jo’s later than I expected and stayed for dinner, which was lamb tangine and cous cous followed by rhubarb tart. I’m not sure that I would have been able to think straight enough to prepare a meal for 16 people that just needed to be heated up after a funeral and funeral tea but Jo and Deborah did!


Weekend food prep is really important otherwise I wing it and the results are not always good and I need downtime. I knew that anyway but this week, I was busy and it showed!





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