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Happy Friday! Some reading for your weekend

Middle-age is mostly about being anxious. I disagree, I’m less anxious in my 40’s, my 20’s and 30’s were anxiety ridden and in fact although I think that I’m less secure financially nowadays, I’m more certain and now. Because really, there’s no point worrying about whether I have it right or not, or what everyone else is doing. This is who I am and I’m where I am and honestly I don’t have enough fucks to give about what other people think or what the future is gonna look like. I’m doing what I can and after that point you just have to get on with it….

Lauren Lavern on daughter-hood. Funny, Ma and I were talking about expectations the other day. Ma always expected me to be able to cope and get on with stuff in a way that she didn’t expect Ben to not because I was the eldest but because I was the girl. I just get on with it and Ben gets on with it too he just makes more of a song and dance about it. That pans out in interesting ways, I have as much use for stuff I don’t want to do as Ben does, at school I seemed very compliant but wasn’t and Ben was kicking off. Ben cooked dinner on Boxing Day and it was lovely but you would have thought he was on the first manned flight to Mars, I cook for all of us a couple of times a year and don’t make nearly as much fuss about it! I think I’m conditioned to just do domestic chores and Ben needs to be recognised for anything he does (and to be fair he does quite a bit). Overall though, I think that I’m a ‘good’ daughter and Ben is a ‘good’ son.

El Salvador is asking women to not get pregnant for two years.  In a country where abortion is illegal under any circumstances and contraception hard to come by and frowned upon by the Church. Not a recipe for disaster at all….

Trump is not Obama’s fault.

Trump validates the maxim that in presidential primaries, the opposition party tends to choose a candidate who differs temperamentally from the incumbent. Obama is an adult. Therefore, Republicans are nominating a child.

A different take on the popularity of Trump. The rise of authoritarians. This is a long read but make the time for this one….


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