Handmade Christmas – The Quick Scarf

This is not an emergency present, but it is pretty quick, provided you can knit! It took me 3 nights of solid knitting to make it, but that’s amazingly quick when you think about how long knitting projects can take and the fact that I’m not a very good knitter.


The secret is Big Wool, I love this stuff, it’s soft, easy to knit and comes in lots of lovely colours. It’s also 100%, so it’s lovely to knit with. I already had some of this at home left over from another project, so it’s not costing me anything, but I think it’s worth noting that Rowan wool is not the cheapest going, however, it’s about £20-ish worth of present and although you could just buy someone a scarf, it wouldn’t be as much fun or as thoughtful!


What you’ll need

Two balls Rowan Big Wool.

9mm needles

Needle for sewing ends together



Cast on 16 stitches

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Knit one, purl one

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Knit one, purl one

Row 5: Knit

Row 6: Knit one, purl one

Row 7: Knit

Row 8: Knit

Knit up two balls, leaving enough wool to cast off and sew the ends together.





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