Life Happened – Imposing Routine

It’s been a good week. I’ve been fighting the urge to sleep all the time, do very little and wallow in feeling not so great (it’s December, it’s my normal!) and five days in the office and getting a bit more routine into my life has helped. My sleep patterns are still shot to hell, I’m sleepy during the day and AWAKE at night but it’s getting more normal.

The week’s highlights were a trip to the doctors (yes another one, when I go to the dr’s they tend to tell me about all the routine checks, I need to do so I book ’em in!), another work Christmas lunch, some cooking, and some present making (more on that tomorrow!)

I had a very lazy weekend, but managed to get the house stuff I needed to do done. I also decanted the vin d’orange and the damson gin. Both were really good!

Ma came for lunch on SundayIMG_2536After lunch (and washing up) she offered to do my ironing. As I said the 15 year old me, still can’t get over watching Ma do my ironing at no charge! (from the age of 13 my brother and I were, with the exception of our school uniform, responsible for ironing our own clothes. If we didn’t want to iron them or wear them creased, Ma charged £1 an item!)IMG_2538

Ma stayed the night so we watched a movie and I did some knitting. I really like it when Ma comes over on a Sunday. It makes me sort the flat out by lunchtime and I always leave the house early for work on the Monday morning. Having someone else in the house (especially the martinet!) is good for my discipline!

This week is my last week of work until 5 January 2015, work this week is going to be ‘head down and plough through’. I’ll think about the rest of my life after Friday!


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