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It’s 5 days to Christmas. If you’re panicking because you’re not gift ready for Christmas, first don’t panic! Here are a couple of quick ideas.. Or my go to biscuits or cheese stars Or salt dough decorations or fudge…

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Mulled Wine Syrup for cocktails

I don’t really drink mulled wine, I’m not keen on hot alcohol, which is why I’ve had two gifted bottles of mulled wine kicking around the house for the best part of a year. I had a vague notion of … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas: Salt Dough Decorations

Yesterday, I babysat for the Baxters. The children, especially the eldest, are really into making things and the youngest has been telling me that I don’t spend enough time playing with them! So after checking with their mum, I arranged … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas: Fudge

We are 11 days away from Christmas and I find myself in my usual just before Christmas mood, recovering from my December cold, half sorted and with a seemingly huge to do list. This year has been much easier, I … Continue reading

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Gifts of Christmas Past

Having established that I’m not really prepared for Christmas, I spent some time last night thinking about presents and what to get for who and how much baking I’m going to do. I’ve made mincemeat so there will be mince … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas: The Aperitif Pack

I made 7 of these as presents. The idea is that they kick off an evening.     This is what’s in the bag: Something to drink A miniature each of cherry brandy,  plum gin, raspberry gin and sugar syrup. … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas – The Quick Scarf

This is not an emergency present, but it is pretty quick, provided you can knit! It took me 3 nights of solid knitting to make it, but that’s amazingly quick when you think about how long knitting projects can take … Continue reading

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